A Day in the Life of a Maccabi Athlete

While each day of the JCC Maccabi Games will be exciting and different, Monday through Thursday of Maccabi Week will follow a schedule for the athletes. From competitions to hang time to social events to JCC Cares, each day will be packed with things to do.

Maccabi Girls

The Maccabi Athlete’s day begins early. Competition times vary based on sport and day, but every athlete will start competitions between 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Host families bring their athletes to the College Ave JCC in the morning, or they can be dropped off at the JCC New Albany or Beth Tikvah to take a bus to the College Ave location.

When athletes arrive early before their competition start time or finish competing early, there is plenty to do around the JCC and at other competitions. In between there is Hang Time:

“Hang Time is any time athletes are free, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., on the third floor at the JCC,” says Columbus Delegation Head Joshua Goldstein. “We’ll have video games, music, board games, trivia and Israel education when athletes want to be inside and chill and have some fun.”

Athletes are also encouraged to attend friends’ or visiting athletes’ competitions. A bus will run loops to each location. In addition to the College Ave JCC, locations for competitions include St. Charles Preparatory School, Bexley High School, Capital University, Maryland Elementary, and Columbus Country Club.

“Staying involved in the Games throughout the day is the goal,” says Josh.

During the week, athletes will dine on delicious kosher lunches and dinners at the JCC. After lunch, competitions continue before showering, dinner and evening festivities. Each night there will be social activities like visiting Magic Mountain Fun Center Destination Maccabi. On Tuesday athletes have dinner and spend the evening with their host families. In between competing athletes will have the incredible opportunity to meet and get to know other Jewish teens from 20 delegations from around the world.

One day of the Games is spent doing community service projects for JCC Cares. Athletes will compete only once on this day and then spend the rest of their day serving at JCC Cares projects.

Each morning the JCC lobby will be packed with hundreds of athletes, volunteers, and families coming together for this incredible event. You never know who you will meet, how you will grow, or what you will accomplish on any given day.

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