Welcome to Columbus! Hospitality and the First Day of the Games

On Sunday, July 24, twenty delegations from around the world will arrive in Columbus for the 2016 JCC Maccabi Games. Hospitality volunteers will play an important role as the first smiling faces they see here, welcoming them to Columbus. All week hospitality volunteers will be local ambassadors, answering questions and introducing athletes and families to our city.

“Hospitality is really geared up for this year’s Maccabi Games,” says Hospitality Committee Staff Liaison Linda Starr. “We’re getting very excited and beginning to recruit volunteers.”

The first job of hospitality volunteers is meeting delegations as they arrive, either by bus at the JCC or by plane at Port Columbus International Airport. Volunteers will meet those coming by plane at baggage claim, bring them to the JCC, show them where they can leave their bags, and escort them to the auditorium where they will eat a snack and watch a video. Then, JCC staff will give tours of the facilities. Each delegation will get their pictures taken and pick up a goodie-bag, distributed by hospitality volunteers. Athletes will then go home with their host families and get ready for the Opening Ceremonies.

On Sunday hospitality volunteers will also manage the information table at the JCC Main Lobby during registration, making themselves available to answer any questions.

Volunteers will be stationed at the information table throughout the week during competition hours as well.

“Sunday is a great opportunity for the community to get involved in the Games. It’s our biggest day and we’ll need volunteers from 8 a.m. until the last teams arrive around 3 p.m. Then, we’ll also be volunteering at Opening Ceremonies,” says Linda.

Hospitality volunteers will welcome everyone to the Greater Columbus Convention Center around 6 p.m. for the Opening Ceremonies. They’ll provide information about the Games, hand out brochures from Experience Columbus, and direct audience members to where they need to be.

Volunteers can commit as little as two hours at a time for each shift. The Hospitality Committee still has openings for volunteers in every available position. For more information about volunteer opportunities with Hospitality, contact Committee Heads Heather Pliskin at hpliskin@gmail.com or Pam Young at pam.young36@gmail.com. You can sign-up for all volunteer positions online at www.columbusjccmaccabi.org.

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