Health & Safety at the Games

The Security and Medical Committees are working hard make sure the Columbus JCC Maccabi Games run smoothly and safely. Capable professionals will be at competition sites throughout the week so that athletes, volunteers, and spectators can enjoy on the Games without worry.

Athletes will be in good hands with Nationwide Children’s Hospital as the Official Sports Medicine Provider for the 2016 Maccabi Games. The Division of Sports Medicine will have Certified Athletic Trainers at all of the venues to provide direct patient care at each site.

“By having the athletic trainers available at each venue we will be able to provide prompt care to our athletes and assure that it is both safe and appropriate for the athlete to return to competition,” says Medical Committee Chair Marc Leder.

Columbus Maccabi BballThis is a big undertaking, requiring 8-12 Athletic Trainers each day, 20 volunteer physicians to staff Medical Central (located on the first floor of the College Ave JCC), and a group of radio volunteers to assist in communications.

Although athletes will have the best medical care available during the Games, parents and athletes play a crucial role in ensuring athletes perform well. Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Certified Athletic Trainers Lisa Kluchurosky and Eddie Neville have these recommendations:

  • SLEEP: “Athletes, get at least eight hours of sleep in order to allow your body to recover, and perform at your best. You must get plenty of rest.”
  • STAY COOL: “It will be hot in Columbus during the Games—when you’re finished competing, get out of the heat as much as possible.”
  • HYDRATE: “You can’t wait until the week of competition to begin hydrating. Begin extra hydration in the weeks leading up to the Games. Drink plenty of water and avoid soda.”
  • FOOD: “[Eat] healthy, well balanced meals like lean meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Avoid fried foods during the week of competition.”
  • SHOES: “Break in your shoes prior to the week of competition. New shoes often cause blisters. Bring dry socks each day to change into between competitions if [you have] more than one each day.”
  • SUNSCREEN: “If competing outdoors, be sure to wear sunscreen.”

The Security Committee is also reaching out to the experts to prepare for the Games. “We are working hand in hand with local police agencies to ensure a safe week of competitions,” says Assistant Executive Director Mike Klapper. He also says that safety begins weeks before the Games through registration and credential process.

Everyone needs credentials, including spectators, host families, volunteers, staff, and coaches. Credentials are obtained by registering on the Columbus JCC Maccabi website for whatever role you’ll have during the Games. Credential pick-up will be in early July. Everyone must wear these at all times during the Games.

There will also be mandatory Host Family and Volunteer Orientations to keep everyone informed and prepared for the Games. “This is a community effort,” says Klapper. “With everyone working together, we’re confident the Games will run without a hitch.”

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