Benefits To The Community


In July 2016, Columbus will host the Games for the fifth time. The JCC Maccabi Games® are more than an athletic competition. They are an experiential program encompassing the entire community.

Approximately 2,500 people will be directly involved in the Columbus JCC Maccabi Games®, including 850 Jewish athletes, 200 coaches, 400 host families and over 1,000 volunteers. From home hospitality to volunteering events, all of the community will have a role in this outreach effort for Jewish teens.

BENEFITS to the community
• A major economic boost throughout central Ohio

• A major economic impact on summer tourism in Columbus

• Positive exposure for Columbus on a national and worldwide level

• Unique and exceptional opportunities for teens to assume leadership roles and engage in meaningful charitable activities

• Volunteer participation in local community charities

• Development of new community leaders

• Strengthening of family and community relationships

• Showcase local tourist attractions

• Community-building opportunities with law enforcement agencies and municipal governments