• What and when are the JCC Maccabi Games?

    Dates: July 24-29, 2016. It’s an athletic, social, community service and Jewish cultural experience for Jewish teens ages 13-16 years (12-16 for Columbus athlete).

  • How many and from where are the participants coming from?

    We are expecting over 750 athletes. They will come from about 23 different cities from around the United States and world.  Delegations include Akron/Youngstown, Atlanta, Australia, Bensonhurst, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Denver, Houston, Israel, Las Vegas, Louisville, Merxico, Nashville, Orlando-Rosen, Peninsula/Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Jose, Tucson, Valley JCC (LA), Valley of the Sun (Phoenix), Windsor and Winnipeg.  Columbus will have around 125 – 150 of our own athletes participating.

  • What is the week of the games like?

    Sunday: Participants arrive at the JCC and are picked up by their Host families. Opening Ceremonies that night kick off the week of the games.
    Monday-Thursday: Athletic competition during the day and fun, social events at night. Lunch and dinner will be served. There will be activities going on at the JCC for kids to do during their down time or they can go and watch their friends play.
    Friday: Delegations depart.

  • What does it mean to be a host family?

    Host families need to be a Jewish household, but do not have to have a child Maccabi age to be a host family. It is truly an amazing experience for everyone. Many host families still keep in contact with the kids they hosted years after the Games. The following are requirements for being a host family:

    – Have a bed for a minimum of two teens. Each athlete must have his/her own bed. (Air mattresses are acceptable)

    – Have appropriate transportation to drop off/pick up at the JCC, or other satellite sites and other Maccabi Venues in the early morning and later in the evening. All host families will still be able to work during the week.

    – Supply breakfast and snacks during the week.

    – Be available on Sunday, July 24 to pick up your teens as they arrive to the JCC. Take them to Opening Ceremonies. All host families are welcome to watch the ceremonies.

    – Entertain the kids on Host Family Night.

    – Attend one Host Family Orientation.

    – When you fill out the registration forms you will be able to request the age, gender and number of the kids that you would prefer to host.

    – There will be a doctor on call 24 hrs throughout the week for any medical emergency.

  • What volunteer opportunities are available?

    We need energetic and welcoming people to be greeters, information desk attendants, food servers, chaperones at evening events, parking lot attendants, transporters, hospitality attendants. Office work like data entry, copying, filing, making calls, and answering phones is needed. Anyone interested in coaching will need to go through the interview process with the JCC Maccabi Games Director. By registering as a volunteer you will be able to put down your interests and availability. There will be volunteer opportunities months and weeks before Maccabi and during the week.

  • I have a child who wants to do Maccabi. What does it take to be on Team Columbus?

    – Your child must be 12 years old as of July 31, 2016 to be eligible to play an individual sport. Teen ages 12-16 are eligible to play individual or team sports (one sport per athlete).

    – If you have a child ages 8-11 years, they can participate in our Jr. Maccabi Program. There will be opportunities for these children to be a part of the Games during the week with the opening ceremonies and fun special events just for this age group.

    – Sports offered: boys’/girls’ basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, and table tennis; boys’ baseball, girls’ volleyball. And for those that do not play sports, we have a Star Reporter program that gives allows kids the opportunity o report the Games through social media and daily newsletters. All individual sports and boys’ team sports will be broken down to 13-14 (Columbus athletes 12-14) and 15-16 year old age divisions. Girl team sports are all 16 & under for an age division.

    – All teams will be formed by tryouts. The split of the teams will be determined by our Athletic Committee.

    – All participants must be able to house a minimum of two out of town athletes.

    – Participation in all Maccabi events leading up to the week and during the week is expected.

    – Attend all practices as much as possible.

    – Once at the JCC the kids will have transportation to all venues.

    – Participate in Team Columbus service projects.

  • What is the Athletic Competition like?

    The competitive level of the participants will vary. There are kids that are very athletic and then those that are here for the experience. Some of the sports will have different divisions based on skill levels. Throughout the week, players can expect to play four games/matches before tournament play begins on Wednesday.

    Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the top three winners. Although it is competitive the JCC Maccabi Games emphasize the Rachmanus Rule, which is you do not show up your opponent. Games will be played at the JCC, local high schools/colleges, a soccer complex and golf courses.

  • What about Security?

    All athletes, host families, volunteers, and staff will have to go through the credential process and wear credentials during the week. There will be check in points at all venues. All Maccabi Venues will have any of the following patrolling the areas: city wide Police Officers or Homeland Security.

  • How much does it cost to participate as an athlete?

    JCC Member: $550; Non-Members: $650. Non-members will receive a complimentary JCC Membership from the time they register, valid through July 2016.

    Payment Options: $150 Deposit (refundable up to 2/1/2016), 50% Due (minus deposit) by 1/15/2016, Balance Due by 2/15/2106

    Scholarships are available for local delegation athletes. Please contact Jeanna Brownlee at 559-6274 or jkbrownlee@columbusjcc.org.

    A payment plan is also available.